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INR 1800 - INR 1950

Need for Water Filter Pitchers

KENT Water Filter Pitcher for Healthy Lifestyle

To ensure that you drink safe, clean and germ-free water, KENT has introduced two water filter pitchers -KENT Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher and KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher. The water filter pitchers come with sediment filter that remove physical impurities from tap water. The pitchers also have carbon filter that remove chemical impurities such as chlorine and even odour found in tap water.

The ergonomic design make it easy to store the pitchers into any refrigerator. KENT Water Filter Pitchers provide germ free and great-tasting water. The 3.5 filtration pitcher comes with advanced filter that can purify up to 1000 litres of water making it sufficient for every home. So, bring home Kent water filter pitcher for safe, clean and germ-free water.

Removes Physical & Chemical Impurities

Removes Physical & Chemical Impurities

KENT Water Filter Pitchers are equipped with sediment filter that can easily remove all kinds of physical impurities from tap water. Carbon filter present in the pitcher removes chemical impurities such as chlorine and odour from water

Balances Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in Water

Balances Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in Water

A method used by scientists to measure antioxidant potential in liquids is by Oxidation Reduction Potential, also known as ORP. It also shows the level at which food or drink may oxidize in your body. The higher the ORP reading the more is the oxidizing effect. A higher ORP attacks the free radicals, or damages the body cells. This is the reason why Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers reduce the ORP in water. The negative ORP acts as an antioxidant and allows the water to reduce free radicals and protects against Oxidative damage to cells.

Smart Design

Smart Design

KENT Water Filter Pitcher has space-saving design so that it easily fits into all types of refrigerator doors. The pitcher comes with an easy fill lid and comfortable grip handle, which provide great convenience in dispensing water into a bottle or glass.

Unbreakable Food-grade Plastic Construction

Unbreakable Food-grade Plastic Construction

The water filter pitcher is designed using food grade plastic that makes it highly durable and non-breakable. Besides, the excellent plastic material construction make the pitcher long lasting as well.

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