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INR 1900 - INR 5400


Storage Capacity

  • KENT Gold Optima

    Non-Electric Water Purifier with Table-Top Design and Advanced Ultra Filtration Technology

    MRP: ₹ 1900/-
  • KENT Gold

    Chemical-Free and Non-Electric Gravity-Based Water Purifier with State-of-the-Art Hollow Fibre UF Membrane

    MRP: ₹ 3200/-
  • KENT Gold+

    Elegantly Designed Table-Top Water Purifier with Superior Ultra Filtration Technology

    KENT Gold Plus
    MRP: ₹ 3300/-
  • KENT Gold Star

    Wall-Mountable Gravity-Based Water Purifier with Advanced Ultra-Filtration Technology

    KENT Gold Star
    MRP: ₹ 3200/-
  • KENT Gold Cool

    Thermally-Insulated and Non-Electric Water Purifier with a Superior Ultra-Filtration Technology

    KENT Gold Cool
    MRP: ₹ 4400/-
  • KENT Smart

    Fully Automatic and Wall-Mountable Water Purifier with State-of-the-Art Ultra-Filtration Technology

    MRP: ₹ 5400/-
  • KENT Tap Guard

    KENT Tap Guard is best suitable for washbasins to brush teeth, gargle or splash face and eyes with germ-free water.

    KENT Tap Guard
    MRP: ₹ 2300/-
  • KENT Gold AS

    World's Non-Electric Water Purifier with Ultra-Filtration Membrane and Specially Designed Carbon Block for Arsenic removal.

    MRP: ₹ 3800/-
  • KENT Crystal

    Non-Electric and Chemical-Free Gravity-Based Water Purifier with Superior Ultra-Filtration Technology

    KENT Crystal
    MRP: ₹ 3600/-
  • KENT Health Plus

    Makes sink water bacteria free.

    KENT Health Plus
    MRP: ₹ 3450/-

Need for Gravity Based UF Technology

Gravity Based UF Technology

KENT Gravity Purifiers are based on the superior state-of-the-art UF (Ultra Filtration) technology. It removes harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and cysts, apart from other impurities like dust, sand, chlorine, etc. Infact, it is the only portable gravity water purifier which is certified to remove cysts.

Chemical Free Disinfection

KENT Gravity Water Purifiers do not use any chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or iodine for purification of water, thereby making water safe and healthy for consumption.

Works without Electricity

KENT Gravity Water Purifiers work without electricity to sanitize tap and municipal corporation water, making it better than boiled water.

High Storage Capacity

High Storage Gravity-UF Purifiers

Kent Gravity Water Purifiers have high water storage capacity to ensure continuous supply of purified water.

KENT Advantages

Quality Certifications

Only KENT has highest quality certifications by world's best laboratories like :

Water Quality Association Certified
NSF Certification Video

Awards & Recognition

KENT is the most awarded brand of water purifiers in India :

Most Valuable Brands Award
100 Brands That Rocked India
Golden Peacock Award For Eco-Innovation
Best Domestic Water Purifier Award
Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Award
Asia's Most Promising Brands
The Most Trusted and Preferred Brand

As per the Brand Trust Reports of 2015 & 2016, KENT is the most trusted water purifier brand in India. The achievements are proof that KENT gives the most purified water across the nation. KENT is trusted by millions, making it the World's Best Water Purifier.

Most Trusted Brand of Water Purifiers in India 2014 - 2015 Most Trusted Brand of Water Purifiers in India 2015 - 2016 India's Most Trusted Brand Most Valuable Brands Award

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Now, get complete peace of mind with 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years' Service AMC* FREE (worth Rs. 3000) on all KENT RO Water Purifiers.