KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner

KENT presents you Shoe Sole Cleaner to keep your indoor floor and air free from dust and dirt. KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner works automatically once you place your shoe on it and it is an alternative to shoe brush, where manual work is needed. The innovative product uses rotation brushes to clean the sole. The high vacuum suction helps in removing and scooping up fine dust particles from the shoe sole thereby, ensuring clean and dust free home and offices. The transparent bin attached with the sole cleaner collects all the dusts and helps in easy disposal.

Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaner

Automatic Operation

KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner works automatically. You need to just plug it and switch it on. The LED indicator would glow, stating the appliance is ready to use. The next time, you have to just place your shoe on the brush and it will start operating. After you remove your shoe the appliance will automatically shut off.

Rotating Brush To Clean the Dirty Sole

Rotating Brush To Clean the Dirty Sole

KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner has rotating brush that can clean the dirty sole of your shoes and other impurities. To clean the shoe sole, you need to just place the shoe on the brush. The innovative appliance senses the shoe and starts automatically. The rotating brushes moves on rapidly and wipes the impurities from the shoe sole.

Strong Vacuum Suction

Strong Vacuum Suction

The KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner has a strong vacuum power suction that can scoop the dust and make the sole clean. The high efficient vacuum cleaner exposes the dirt present in the sole of your shoe and removes it and stores in the container making your shoe sole dirt free.

Compact Design Shoe Sole Cleaner

Compact Design

KENT Shoe Sole Cleaner is compact in design and requires minimum space for installation. It has dust storage bin that collects the dirt of the shoe sole. Install it at the entrance of your home/office and experience dust-free indoor air and floor.