• KENT Auto Sanitiser

    Sanitise your hands with the all-new and touch-less KENT Auto Sanitiser. It is equipped with a smart in-built infrared sensor that senses your hand below the dispenser. KENT Auto Sanitiser has a high storage capacity of 12 L with a removable tank for easy refilling and cleaning of the appliance to maintain optimum hygiene.

  • KENT Vegetable Cleaner

    Readily helps in removing contaminants from your food which may have transferred from multiple hand exchange. Now, disinfect your fruits and vegetables from unwanted bacteria, viruses, chemicals and pesticides with KENT Vegetable Cleaner.

  • KENT Ozone Wall Air Disinfectant

    Disinfect your rooms from bacteria & viruses with KENT Room Ozone Air Disinfectant. Designed for wall-mounting, this elegant air disinfectant from KENT uses revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology to make your surroundings ethereal. It is most suitable for public places like hospitals, waiting lounges, restaurants, small offices, etc..

  • KENT Car Ozone Air Disinfectant

    Now protect your family from harmful diseases and infections with KENT Car Ozone Air Disinfectant. It is based on revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology which disinfects your car/rooms/washrooms from bacteria & viruses. With a portable design, it is suitable for a room size of up to 13.93 sq. meter.

  • KENT Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

    KENT Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser is a futuristic product designed for washing hands. It is a touchless, fully automatic device for dispensing soap. It converts liquid soap into foam and dispenses it as soon as you place your hand below the dispenser. It is convenient, economical and hygienic way of washing hands as foam spreads uniformly on hands with minimal wastage of soap.

  • KENT Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser

    Santising hands is a must and dispensing sanitiser through bottle requires manual operation by hand. Let’s avoid this and go touchless with KENT Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser. Its fully automatic operation dispenses santiser as soon as you place your hand below it. It is convenient and more hygienic.

  • KENT Touchless Sanitiser/ Liquid Soap Dispenser

    The New Normal has made us all take more care of our hand hygiene and we are disinfecting them more times than ever. KENT Touchless Sanitiser/ Liquid Soap Dispenser, a certain way to keep hands away from dangerous bacteria and viruses. It is designed with an in-built IR sensor to avoid touching the germy handwash pump.