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Need for KENT Electric Cooker

Advanced Heating Function

Advanced Induction Heating Electric Rice Cooker

KENT Electric Rice Cookers come with an advanced induction heating function that allows precise temperature control within a short span of time.

Automatic Keep Warm Function

Automatic Keep Warm Function Rice Cooker in India

The rice cookers come with automatic keep warm function that keeps food warm for a longer period of time.

High Temperature Operation

High Temperature Operation Electric Rice Cooker

KENT Electric Rice Cookers come with high temperature operation of KENT Electric Cookers brings out all the flavours of food

Easy to Clean and Store

Easy to Clean Electric Rice Cookers in India

KENT Electric Rice Cookers are easy to clean, use and store making it an ideal kitchen appliance for every home.

About KENT Electric Rice Cooker

Preparing perfectly cooked fluffy rice or steamed vegetables needs a lot of attention. The process is also tiresome and time taking, which can be a problem especially when you are busy. To make your work easy and less time consuming, bring home KENT Electric Rice Cooker. The ideal appliance makes it easy to cook rice and other kinds of steamed vegetables with one-touch operation. Whether you need to cook fluffy rice, soup, dalia or steam vegetables, you can prepare your favourite dishes without any hassles with this kitchen powerhouse.

Why to buy Kent Rice Cooker

KENT Rice Cooker cum Steamer comes with a number of advanced features which makes it an ideal appliance. The handy appliance comes with a ‘delay start’ function, which lets you cook food at the desired time. You need to set the timer and the appliance automatically starts the steaming process at the designated time. The ‘keep warm mode’ of the kitchen appliance helps you keep food warm for a longer period of time, thereby eliminating the need to reheat food. The different capacities of the rice cooker helps you choose an appliance that meets your family size.

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