Make Instant Pizza & Chillas,Oil-free Cooking

KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker is a compact non-stick appliance that helps you make healthy snacks, hygienically.

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Flip Functionality Electric Omelette Maker

Multipurpose Appliance

KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker is a multipurpose appliance that lets you bake, roast and grill and make tasty delicacies.

Cook Oil Free Pizzas, Omelettes & Tikkis

Oil-free Cooking

With the non-stick surface, you can cook pizzas, omelettes, tikkis, fish, etc. without using oil, thus ensuring health for you and your family.

Flip Functionality

Flip Functionality

KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker’s flip functionality allows you to cook on both sides with its dual side heating, ensuring even distribution of heat.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

The adjustable temperature control knob allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures.

Compact Design Kent Pizza & Omelette Maker Machine

Drip-proof Compact Design

Its compact, modern design prevents any spilling or dripping, making cooking convenient and hassle-free.