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Vacuum insulated bottles and flasks that maintain the temperature of beverage for a long time

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INR 700 - INR 1250

Need for KENT Thermos Bottles and Vacuum Flasks

Heat/Sweat Proof Outer Body

Advanced Induction Heating Electric Rice Cooker

KENT's range of Thermos Bottles and Stainless-Steel Vacuum Flasks comes with sweat or heat-proof body. The unique feature of these smart appliances maintains the temperature of the stored beverage for a long time. It keeps the outer body of the appliance cool to touch if there is a hot beverage and even makes it sweatproof when there is a cold beverage.

Leak Resistant Cap

Automatic Keep Warm Function Rice Cooker in India

To carry your beverages easily and avoid the risk of spilling beverages, KENT Bottles and Flasks comes with a leak-resistant cap. This ensures that you don't need to worry about the mess cause by seepage.

Double Wall Insulation

High Temperature Operation Electric Rice Cooker

KENT Thermos Bottles and Vacuum Flasks comes with double-wall vacuum insulation that maintains the temperature of the hot or cold beverage stored inside. This also ensures that the outside temperature doesn't affect the liquid stored in it.

High Capacity

Easy to Clean Electric Rice Cookers in India

KENT Bottles and Flasks has a high capacity to store beverages. The appliances make it suitable to carry your favourite beverage and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want.

About KENT Bottles and Flasks

KENT's range of Bottles and Flasks is your best companion when you think of having a hot cup of tea on a chilly winter morning or a chilled juice on a summer afternoon. Made of high-quality durable material, the appliances ensure longer service life. In addition to this, the double-wall construction and the vacuum insulation of the smart appliances maintain the temperature of the stored beverages (hot/cold) for a longer period. Whether you need hot soup or carry chilled juice, KENT Thermos Bottles and Stainless-Steel Vacuum Flasks is the right option for you.

Why buy KENT Thermos Bottles and Vacuum Flasks

KENT's range of Thermos Bottles and Vacuum Flasks is an essential appliance for storing your favourite beverages for a long time. The insulated double-wall construction of these appliances ensures maximum temperature retention of the stored liquid so that you can enjoy consuming your favourite beverages just the way you like it. The smart appliances come with heat/sweat proof outer body. This means the exterior of the bottle and flask remains cool to touch with a hot beverage or stays sweatproof with a cold beverage.

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